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On this page you will find everything
you need to develop yourself as a leader on campus and getting involved with student activities. 

University Housing Student Leadership Groups

On-Campus Hall Council 
We are a patchwork of Residents from every hall
on The Hill. We put on large events for all our peers living with University-owned housing. 
National Residence
Hall Honorary  
UCLA is apart of a larger national organization comprised of other colleges that offer university-owned housing and have have student ran governments that assemble during the
academic year. 
Team Green
If you are interested in sustainability, renewable resources and all things relating to a greener way of live. We are the team for you. 
Government Council 
Every residences hall (dorm) has a student government consisting of representatives from each floor. This is a great way to get involved
where you live. 
University Apartments - SOUTH,Resident 
We are mostly students with familes and small children. If you live in University Apartments- SOUTH, we are the residents that get together and discuss community needs. 
Weyburn and Hilgard Residents Association
Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard Apartments are just off campus in Westwood. If you live here, we are the student group that represents your voice. 
University Apartment NORTH, Resident Government Council 
We are the student government for University Apartment - NORTH. We are a mix of Grad students and Undergrads who live off-campus but still in University-own housing. 

Campus Student Group Resources

Here are all student groups at UCLA
Student Organization, Leadership & Engagement (SOLE). This is where all student groups live. If you want to join a student group on-campus, you will find it here. If you want to start a new student group on campus, you also will visit the SOLE office. 
Funding &
Programming Board
If you have an idea that you think your fellow students will benefit from, or you want to put on
an event that your fellow students will benefit when attending. We review ideas and give funding to things that are most relevant to students.
Program & Event Management
If you are planning anything and thinking of using one of our spaces on The Hill. Make an appointment with the Residential Life, Program & Event Management Team, 
Advertising on The Hill 
Want to promote your event to students living on-campus? We have a small team who organizes this process and our goal is to get you exactly what you need. 

Fun Things To Do

Events just for you 
These are events that are open to all Hill residence and put on by Housing and Residential Life Staff or student staff. 
Campus Happenings 
These are events offered by student clubs and campus departments. We just share it. 
Explore L.A.
Fun things to do in Santa Monica, cultural centers around Los Angeles and must do seasonal actvities that all Angelinos must partake 
Let's Get Digital...digital
Here are fun things we found online. Free to all and fun ways to keep you pumped. 
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