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The University Apartments/South Residents' Association (UASRA), first established in 1962, serves the residents of the University Apartments South (UAS) complexes: University Village, Rose Avenue, Venice Barry, Keystone, Mentone, and Clarington. Every registered tenant of University Apartments South is a member of UASRA by virtue of a monthly contribution with your rent.

Important Stuff

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all residents of University Apartments South   
CONSTITUTION: Modeled after the rules that govern our nation, each community tailors their distinctive constitution that is agreed upon by their community representatives. 
BUDGET: Our annual budget shows what students and thier families living in the apartments choose to allocate for events and relevant content each academic year.  
MEETING MINUTES: Each meeting is open to all members of their respective communities and invited guests. Meetings are all recorded and minutes are open to all. 

Fun Stuff

These some events that we put together along with help from community members like you. The events might change from year-to-year but our dedication to being a community-centric group will always remain the same. See you at our meetings. 

Featured Programs


Annula Events 

Gatherings for the whole family

Family Fun Day is an annual tradition in University Apartments - South. We have a unique community with a mixture of UCLA students and families. This event is something for everyone. Join us each year and come hungry. 


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Bridging Campus

Bringing Resources to your door

We are dedicated to bringing more campus resources out to each community. We are dedicated to advocating for residents to have the full UCLA experience. 


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We Listen

Community Driven Events

We administer community surveys each year to find out what kind of events or services you would like to see. Our Family Clothes Swap events are always a hit because we know how fast kids grow and as a community, we are dedicated to sharing resources. 


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