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Undergraduate Apartment North Resident Government Council are advocates for their peers. They promote the best interests of all residents with focus on the quality and satisfaction of the off-campus living experience. They interact with other residents to understand the diverse array of student experiences and then serve as conduits to share the needs and feedback of residents with administrators and other advocacy outlets.

Government Structure

University Apartments is comprised of Graduate, Undergraduate, and Post Doctoral Students to only name a few. We represent 9 (soon to be 11) structures located in the Westwood community surrounding campus. 

Important Stuff

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all residents of University Apartments North  
CONSTITUTION: Modeled after the rules that govern our nation, each community tailors their distinctive constitution that is agreed upon by their community representatives. On-Campus Housing Council representatives voted to ratify the new government constitution every February.  
BUDGET: The UAN RGC Annual Budget shows the operational budget for all buildings in UAN for each academic year. Our process and procedures are 100% lead and voted on by UAN Residents. Annual Budget

Fun Stuff

Take a look at some of our featured events and programs. Come as you are and all are welcome in our safe space. We are all digital for now but gathering with your flatmates are always welcome. 

Featured Programs 


March 1, 2021

Women's History Month

Residents of UA-North, let's celebrate Women's History Month by getting connected and sharing our stories. 





February 7, 2021

Super Bowl Watch Party

We will be holding a Super Bowl watch party, where we will be raffling off prizes and giving free snacks. RSVP for free snacks and come join the zoom to win some UCLA merch.





January 21, 2021

Game Night For All

Game night is on! Free for anyone who wants to take a break from studying. We will have some cool prizes and a chance to make more friends. See you there. 


UCLA UA-Westwood


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