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Team Green is a student education and leadership program focused on advancing sustainability on the Hill, at UCLA, and beyond. We strive to make sustainability spaces accessible, engaging, and socially just through workshops, large-scale events, and advocacy.

Important Stuff

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all residents of The Hill 
BUDGET: Our annual budget shows what students living on campus choose to allocate for events and relevant content each academic year. Our process and procedures are 100% lead and voted on by Hill residents

Fun Stuff

“Team Green allowed me to directly make an impact in terms of sustainability on campus.  As the Advocacy & Outreach Chair my freshman year and the Director of Team Green the following year, the events which we put on as a team allowed me to reach out to my peers on matters which I’m passionate about, and encourage them to learn about & develop more sustainable habits.  Team Green also gave me insight to sustainability management, an experience that is valuable to me as I begin to consider a career in the near future.  It is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of and has been a fundamental part of my time here at UCLA!”


-- Jasleen Kahlon

Former Team Green President

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"Joining Team Green created the foundation for my involvement at UCLA. By representing my building on both the council for Team Green and the National Residence Hall Honorary, I was able to bring educational events to the Hill in ways I never thought were possible until I found myself in the middle of it. My time as a part of Team Green sparked my love for both sustainability and connecting with my community. If you find yourself with the ability to apply, I highly recommend!" 


Charlee Jean Johnson

Former Team Green Member 

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