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UCLA's On-Campus Housing Council (OCHC) is the Hill's advocacy and engagement student group. Every year, we put on awesome events like Casino Night, Movie Nights, True Bruin Welcome Weeks, and more. To serve the residents of the Hill, we have elections for our executive board at the end of each academic year. 

Government Structure

There are 17 distinctive communities that make up the On-Campus Housing Council. 16 buildings with their own Resident Government Council (RGC) and 1 Executive Board. The six Executive Board members serve as the leadership team for the On-Campus Housing Council. Executive Board members must be residents of On-Campus Housing and be in good disciplinary standing with the University and Residential Life.
Additionally, all government council members must uphold the True Bruin standards of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Service, and Respect, and display these values throughout the year.

Important Stuff

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all residents of The Hill 
CONSTITUTION: Modeled after the rules that govern our nation, each community tailors their distinctive constitution that is agreed upon by their community representatives. On-Campus Housing Council representatives voted to ratify the new government constitution every February.  
BUDGET: Our annual budget shows what students living on campus choose to allocate for events and relevant content each academic year. Our process and procedures are 100% lead and voted on by Hill residents. 
MEETING MINUTES: Each meeting is open to all members of their respective communities and invited guests. Meetings are all recorded and minutes are open to all. 

Fun Stuff

"OCHC is a place of passion. Entrepreneurship, social justice, environmental and food challenges, you name it. Just by talking about it you can make change and make friends that will last a lifetime. I should know, it happened to me...Sometimes you find that one thing that defines your college experience... for me that was OCHC. Getting to work with passionate people on issues that challenge our community- it’s a microcosm of real life but on the hill. If you love to listen, learn, and lead, this is the place for you" 


Xander Barbar

Former OCHC President 

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"I absolutely loved my time in OCHC. The ability to work closely with residents, my teammates and advisors was one of the best experiences I’ve had at UCLA. I learned more about myself than I thought possible and I am so grateful to have been able to serve my community in this capacity" 


Brooke Helmick                                                  

Former OCHC President 

"OCHC allowed me to bring my skillset to a motivated and passionate team to make a lasting impact on the on-campus housing community. I had the freedom to pursue projects that fit my interests and  serve something greater than myself in a supportive and rewarding atmosphere."


Connor Ripple 

Former OCHC Rep  

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