Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)?

The National Residence Hall Honorary True Bruin Chapter is an organization that focuses on service and recognition on the Hill. Members strive to uphold the values of NRHH: leadership, academics, recognition, and service. The True Bruin chapter strives to encourage and inspire people within the UCLA residential community to uphold these values in their lives. NRHH members as well as Outreach Representatives attend weekly meetings and serve as an affiliate between NRHH and their community’s Association. Members assist in planning events, facilitating the submissions and selection of Of-the-Months (OTMs), and help bring service opportunities to UCLA students both on and off campus. 

What are my responsibilities as an Outreach Representative?

Outreach Representatives serve as the affiliate between their community’s Association and both National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and Team Green. They must attend the weekly Association meetings as well as both the NRHH and Team Green meetings in order to promote and assist in programs and initiatives which promote sustainability, leadership, and service in the UCLA community.  

What is an Of-The-Month (OTM)

OTMs are a way to recognize the exceptional students, staff, programs, events, and more on The Hill. Once a month, the submissions are reviewed by the NRHH team and winners are chosen to be recognized for their great achievement, impactful program, or simply for their contributions to UCLA at any level. These winners can also be recognized on a greater scale as there are regional and even national level winners. Overall, OTMs create a way to give much needed recognition to all the hard work done at and for UCLA as a whole.  

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