Welcome to
The City of Angels 


Your new home in the heart of Los Angeles is a
melting pot of cultures, cuisines and amazing sunsets. Adventures awaits you Bruins. Let's go! 

Local events off-campus

L.A. Event Calendar
This site is a resources we've gathered. It is not sponsored or related to UCLA in any way. Check out this website for local events. 
and Historic Sites
L.A. has a rich history with thriving communities, here is a resource we found to begin your journey into our city's past. 
Local Vibes
We found this list of things from our local NPR station for those who love some tunes. 
Art & Museums
You've come to the right city for art. So much amazing local talent will be sure to inspire you.
Crafts and Builds
This site has a variety of things to do from home and lessons to follow.