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The Community Representatives (CRs) are a body of student representatives from each floor/house of a specific Residence Hall. CRs are the voice of the floor/house and are elected to represent their floormates. Think of them as your neighborhood council.

Let's Go!!!!

Join a team that gets the inside scoop, first to know about important updates and be the voice of your community. If this sounds fun to you, click on our detail page for all the information on how to get involved. 

Important Stuff

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all residents of The Hill 
CONSTITUTION: Modeled after the rules that govern our nation, each community tailors their distinctive constitution that is agreed upon by their community representatives. On-Campus Housing Council representatives voted to ratify the new government constitution every February.  
BUDGET: The annual budget shows what students living on campus choose to allocate for events and relevant content each academic year. Our process and procedures are 100% lead and voted on by Hill residents. 
MEETING MINUTES: Each meeting is open to all members of their respective communities and invited guests. Meetings are all recorded and minutes are open to all. 
"While this will be my third year having worked with student government in some capacity, it has never been more meaningful or enriching than it is now. I initially got involved because I loved the way that programming enhanced the resident experience and helped shape the community at large." 


Sofia Rizkkhalil
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