UCLA’s On Campus Housing has a robust student government created for students with an interest in leadership who take on active, committed roles within the residential community by promoting True Bruin values on the Hill and upholding the mission and core values of Residential Life.

Government Structure

There are 17 distinctive communities that make up the On-Campus Housing Council. 16 buildings with their own Resident Government Council (RGC) and 1 Executive Board. The six Executive Board members serve as the leadership team for the On-Campus Housing Council. Executive Board members must be residents of On-Campus Housing and be in good disciplinary standing with the University and Residential Life.
Additionally, all government council members must uphold the True Bruin standards of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Service, and Respect, and display these values throughout the year.
RESIDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL (RGC):  Residents from each floor, house or wing of a building comes together once a week to share what is happening in their space. Who attends these meetings can be seen in the Court Structure diagram below: 

Important Stuff

CONSTITUTION: Modeled after the rules that govern our nation, each community tailors their distinctive constitution that is agreed upon by their community representatives. On-Campus Housing Council representatives voted to ratify the new government constitution every February.  
BUDGET: Our annual budget shows what students living on campus choose to allocate for events and relevant content each academic year. Our process and procedures are 100% lead and voted on by Hill residents. 
MEETING MINUTES: Each meeting is open to all members of their respective communities and invited guests. Meetings are all recorded and minutes are open to all. 

Fun Stuff

"ResLife makes it easy to form friendships from day one at UCLA. By getting involved, you’ll play an active role in building community and make lifelong memories in the process." 

                                                                      -- Jack Bolen  

"Haunted Hill is an awesome, immersive experience for residents of all communities to take a break from the stress of academics and spend some time with their friends. Every year OCHC puts on a great program and residents always have fun! I love seeing students’ hard work pay off in the form of a successful, entertaining (and often scary) event" 

                                               -- Brooke Helmick  

“I got involved in OCHC to be able explore my passion for advocacy. Through various meetings with stakeholders and officials, I have been able to voice and advocate for needed resources and changes. The position in student government has also allowed me to expand my communication and leadership skills. This experience has been very useful to cultivate skills I hope to use in my career as an advocate and community organizer" 

                       --Pablo Luis-Herrera

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